The Director of Engagement is responsible for the development, planning, managing and representation of the outreach and educational programs of the Museum working collaboratively with various departments of the College, students and greater community.

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The galleries are closed temporarily as we develop The Martha Wren Briggs Center for the Visual Arts. Press Release available here.


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  • Muscarelle on the Move Events



    Please join Steve Prince, Director of Engagement and Distinguished Artist in Residence at the Muscarelle Museum of Art on Friday, November 16 between noon and 2:00 pm for a brown bag lunch and print making demonstration. An open discussion with the artist will reveal his thought processes and methods in creating large-scale works with subject matter that deals with the cycle of life ─ pregnancy, maturation, rites of passage ─ as well as societal struggles including prejudice, indifference and racism. Prince posits that "each coming generation is confronted with challenges intrinsically connected like a psychic umbilical cord to the past. It is my belief that we must soberly engage the troubled past while actively working together to solve the problems of today in order to break the damaging cycles." Please bring your lunch and join the dialogue on the first floor of the Museum. We invite you to return to see his progress on his series "Cycles" on Friday, December 7 for the third installment of our Meet the Artist Brown Bag Lunch.

  • Muscarelle on the move!

    Please check back for details of upcoming lectures and events.  The galleries will close temporarily as we develop The Martha Wren Briggs Center for the Visual Arts and enter the next phase and future of the Muscarelle Museum of Art.  In the interim, Muscarelle Museum of Art programming will continue at select satellite locations.  Please check for updates and annex information.

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    You can learn more about the Muscarelle Museum of Art goals and priorities in the fact sheet, which can be downloaded here.

    Press Release available here.