Laboratory for Learning

We recognize that the arts play an integral role in the cognitive life of the university and cultural landscape of the community and view the Museum as a visual repository akin to the textual repository of the library. Our treasures offer the chance to link aesthetic experience and conceptual intelligence, to explore the interdisciplinary links between visual culture, art-making, and scholarship.

Our lecture series and events provide a forum for the exchange of new ideas. Student investigators research our collections first-hand, and receive unique opportunities to curate thought-provoking exhibitions with the guidance of our professional staff. Productive encounters result from the marriage of perception and leadership, creativity and imagination in a setting very different from the traditional classroom.

Adult volunteers also find that giving time at the Museum is an enriching part of integrating the arts into their own lives and community.  This concept of the Museum as a “laboratory for learning” allows for a rich and dynamic environment for exploring art at all levels of experience and interest.

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